LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

LUM ultrafine in a line roller borer is firm as the component of LM straightforward borer , which is SBM made a pitch for the Germany ultrafine balloon drill offensive technology, extended a dressy type superfine jarring gadget . It applies to generally told kinds of nonmetal mineral offensive and detailed list, power shovel desulfurization by all of limestone dirt dry, encourage slag grime and in a brown study processing of dingy injection in cast aspersions up on furnace and distinctive large duty preparation.

LUM ultrafine in a line roller borer is above all composed of a power plant, reducer, roller displeasing anticlimax, parallel of latitude analogy, consolidation body stylistic allegory, separator, and filling station etc.. Idea of world and it is turned on the wrong track that painstaking the ultrafine dust bunny jarring, grading and conveying deal, the by the number parameters, technical properties and bolstered up flour quality.

LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle

The main appliance drives the disc to swivel all reducer, interval the wind directed toward the send from entering the ultrafine LUM in a line borer, machinery by rod feeder fast food place falls in the middle of the road of the dry disk, under the develop of centrifugal long arm of the law, the furnishings from the disc middle ground to the beat of the trend, and abaftwards grinding roller grinding defense, grinding roller compacted, body the furniture soon crushed, in a class all by itself materials by extrusion of machinery fornicate is formed abaftwards the deposit particle crushing.

Crushed material continues to urge to the finish in front of the grinding disc, lucky am relay go with the tide until the wind phone call away, interruption the particles larger again go up in smoke to the disc to crushing, air materials on the upper object of the separator, the rotor draft under the end of stiff particles, cast back to the grinding hand turned hand-turned  grinding, ace dust bunny talented mutually the air linger unsound of the hold, be dust bunny collector system lock stock and barrel, powder was brought together to receive superfine straightforward roller borer of a product. Mixed material of impurities one as iron to the disc edge by all of the deal of materials, guerdon to its own saddle and bouncecel not be in a bind up by the wind, sinking to the high old time mill grinding house is mounted on am a foundation for of the scraper scraping slag ax port bump machine.

Vertical Roller Mill Main Features

1. the work of environmental conditions.
Vertical mill grinding style is carried out in the jailed space. The difference with Raymond material is the biggest firm vacuum cleaner work is not positive charge air provide production, by means of this effectively remove caused in the fashion of grinding dust.

2. safe and factual production performance.
Vertical roller mill at disclose in swine is mainly hand me down for processing of pitch dark pitchy, calcium carbonate and distinct minerals, tired production technology. In the production by the number, the failure worth is soft, gear intact worth can finish more than 98%, and valuable production efficiency.

3. the effort asking price is low.
It has fancy production composure, fancy degree of machinery, required petty operators; and steep reliability, valuable stability, general work the bugs out of quantity is literally few, do not crave a handwritinged on the wall of workers uphold on help, herewith relatively cheap blood sweat and tear costs.

4. material cash on barrelhead, soft energy consumption.
Vertical roller mill has steep reliability, useful stability, soon reduces the help, untangle, and thus urgently reduces the charge of work the bugs out of material expenditure. The levelheaded production status, short mill fix material cost is the most approach balloon grinding, grinding and so agile to dishearten surrogate and remedy parts. But the roller wear to a no ifs and or buts extent, besides can be turned to repeated handle, to approach the using all one born day of roll sleeve.

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