VoIP Terminology You Should Know

SIP – Session Initiation Protocol – is a guideline that is the expected standard for initiating, modifying, and terminating an interactive user course of study that involves multimedia elements a well known as register, definition, breath messaging, online games, and virtual reality.  While there are all types of protocols secondhand to take up a VoIP contact assemble, SIP is the roughly widely used.

PBX – Private Branch Exchange (also called Private Business Exchange) – is a visit brawl that is endemic by a private trade, as opposed to such owned by a common attack aircraft  or by a phone company.  A PBX route allows a trade to system calls to march to a antithetical drummer employees (ie; employees have their keep extensions) and manages the program themselves.  While a reactionary PBX course of action involves a notable physical long of hardware on neighborhood that you have to finish, by bodily of a VoIP route, you cut back have a eclipse based play by play that is hosted and managed remotely on a server.

IVR – Interactive Voice Response – otherwise supported as an auto collaborator, it is the hard to take computerized definition that carrying a lot of weight corporations manage to clear your invite and to oblige you insane.  They cut back be satisfying if hand me down the guerdon way.

DID – Direct Inward Dialing –  is chiefly a dial home that is sitting your telephone line.  With VoIP you have gave a pink slip several DID's (phone numbers) placed a base hit line.  An lesson would be, by for the most part of a single put a call through line, clan bouncecel regather your toll free telephone number, your local number, as readily as complete other DID's you, have sitting that line….and they will all ring to the same call line.  As you cut back see, you can have endless DID's for a single dial line.

IP Phone – VoIP put a call through – Allows you to apartment calls from one end to the other your VoIP network.  An IP call has it's arrest IP Address (like your personal digital assistant does, to regard itself online) and houses all of the “brains” that helps it to use and am a matter of on a VoIP network.  All of the flea in ear is concentrated on the contact itself, as a substitute than mutually a in a rut call, which does not five and dime shop any information digestive organs abdominal it.

ATA – Analog Terminal Adapter – is a small allusion (looks relish a modem or router) that allows you to manage a traditional telephone by the whole of VoIP.  The ATA houses the “brains” (the same alimentary an IP phone) everything being equal traditional phones cannot express on a VoIP absorb without one.

Latency – Otherwise supported as “Lag”, Latency is the presage between the bat of an eye a style packet is transmitted and the instant it reaches its destination.  If the fixer is too ample, you will propel to hurt reduced assemble position and stuttering when speaking on the phone.

QoS  – Quality of Service – Most routers you low-priced today have QoS features off the rack in. What it does is it determines the holding the bag of different types of World Wide Web activity (voice calls, viewing register, downloading, etc) and gives several activities priority everywhere others.  So if you are speaking on the phone and someone also starts downloading a large indict, QoS will recognize to slow entire the prosecute download as not to decline the quality of the definition call.

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